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League Information

There are currently 24 teams participating in the CENA league on Sunday evenings. If you are interested in entering a team in the league, please email the committee.

Register your team

  At the start of the season, teams should complete a Team Sheet, with their captain's contact details and the list of their team members. This should be recieved by the appropriate league organiser by the 3rd week of the season.
These players are required by CENA to be registered with Netball Scotland. More info to follow here.

League match fixtures

The season runs between October and April, and all games are played on Sunday evenings at Westwoods Sports Centre. The new fixtures for the 2009/10 season will be published shortly.


Each team is expected to provide a qualified C Grade umpire for the game before or after theirs, although there is a database of qualified umpires within the Edinburgh area that all clubs and teams will have access to.


  After your game, a Match Sheet must be completed. If you are the 'Home' team it is your team's responsibilty to make sure the appropriate league organiser receives this by the Friday following the game. Failure to do this may result in points being allocated to the 'Away' team.
The scores from last season are available to view on the Results page

The Match Sheet requires the following information

Date and time of the game
Name of Home and Away teams
Final score
Players should print and sign their names
Umpires should print and sign their names and enter the team they are registered with
Captain's signatures
Fairest players nominated by the opposing teams

League Tables

After each week's games, the league tables will be updated.

Any problems?

If you have any problems/issues/complaints then you should contact the CENA President.